March 29, 2018

Tips for Downloading & Printing

Posted by Haggadot

Do A Test Download
Even if you're still working on your Haggadah, it's always a good idea to do a test download before the big day. If you're at work, note that your office might have firewall security that blocks the download. If that's the case, try downloading from your smartphone or at home. 

Try Downloading A Word Doc
If you're concerned about formatting & font size, try our new feature for downloading your Haggadah as a Word Doc. You'll be able to edit it in Microsoft Word & Google Docs. You can see more information here

Go Paperless (if you can)
We know that screens at seders aren't technically kosher, but if it doesn't conflict with your observance, going digital will save you money and some trees. Invite your users to view the Haggadah on their tablets or smartphones, or even use a projector to display a large version on your wall. 

Get Creative
We've heard that some users prefer the layout of the interactive version so much, that they've taken screenshots of that version and printed them. Other have reported downloading the clips as individual PDFs and distributing different pages to participants at the Seder, with everyone leading a section or two. You can also print a booklet format with your Word Doc download. Here's a great tutorial for booklet settings

Contact Us Before 4pm PST On Friday
Still running into trouble? Let us know. But keep in mind that we're celebrating the holiday too and our office will be closed on Friday starting at 4pm. 

Consider A Donation
Running this website is expensive and we're on a super tight budget! We want to keep improving our user experience, but we can't do it without support from donors like you