March 28, 2018

Test Our New Word Doc Download

Posted by Haggadot

Exciting update! We're testing out a new feature that will let you download your Haggadah as a Word Doc for further formatting of fonts & layout.

Want to try it? Here's what you need to know:

This feature is being developed on what we call a "staging site". It's essentially a secret copy of the "live" where we update the code and add new features before making them available to the larger public. This particular feature is not yet perfect, but we still think it's valuable enough to let you try, even with the flaws.

As you test it, keep in mind these two issues:

1) You might need to add the Microsoft Hebrew language pack to your system, otherwise the Hebrew could appear either backward or as gibberish. If you don't have the Hebrew language installed, you can also try opening your file in Google Docs and the Hebrew should look just fine. 

2) The content on the two sites is not automatically synced. We copy new clips & haggadahs from the "live" site to the "staging" site late each night (around 1am). We do not copy content from the staging site back to the live site, as staging is only for testing.

So, if you're still uploading new clips, please continue to do so on live When you're ready to download, follow the link below, sign-in and select your haggadah to download as you normally would. This time, you'll see the additional option to download a Word Doc. You can then open it in Word or Google Docs.

If you've added content to the site, and you do not yet see it on the staging site, try again in the morning, after our systems have done their nightly content sync.

Now that I've briefed you, here's the link:

Enjoy! And let us know if you have any questions!