March 29,2023

Meet Your Team

Posted by Haggadot

Smiley face is growing! Our staff is dedicated to providing you with diverse and easy-to-use resources that allow you to create your own home-based rituals. Get to know our team, read about the contributions we each bring, and see our suggestions for new seder ideas, including a unique Passover cocktail!


Eileen Levinson, she/her

Founder and Executive Director


My contribution at I created it! And now I have the most fun job of all: I get to watch our incredible team bring it life. I’m also excited to lead this incredible platform into new areas later this year…watch for more information soon! 


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: We are going to host a seder with some of our new friends here in the UK, some of whom have never celebrated Passover before. We have a very international guest list with people who are very curious about Judaism and rituals, and I can’t wait to share this amazing evening with them. 


My Passover memory, contribution or tradition: A few years back we invented a new Passover cocktail–mix together Sabra liqueur, tequila, soda, and lime, and voila! You have a Sabraquila. It’s the most delicious chocolatey-orangey drink, and the perfect addition to any Passover seder. 


Allen F, he/him

Director of Product


My contribution at I work with an amazing team to create, design, and build meaningful yet engaging ritual experiences. 


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends this year.


My favorite Passover memory, contribution or tradition: I’m excited to start to build new traditions this Passover!


Amanda Gross, she/her

Administrative Assistant
New York / Maryland


My contribution at I try to be like a swiss army knife for the leadership team, keeping track of priorities and pitching in wherever needed. My focus is on Eileen's needs, making sure she's all set to have productive work days and ensuring the small details are taken care of.


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: My grandfather is 98 and has always led our family Seder. I'm looking forward to his joy in getting to celebrate one of his favorite holidays with our family gathered together.


My Passover memory, contribution or tradition: I'm going to show my family the Schitt's Creek Haggadah because they love that show, and also the Beyonceder clips!


Lisa Klinman, she/her

Foundations Relations Manager


My contribution at I research opportunities for foundational funding, develop and build relationships with philanthropic groups and other charitable foundations invested in the Jewish creative ecosystem, and apply for grants.


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: I always spend Passover with my sisters, and I’m really looking forward to being together with them (and their dogs!)


My favorite Passover memory, contribution, or tradition: I do the majority of the cooking for Passover- mixing the charoset, grinding the maror, ensuring the dogs don’t devour the lamb bone before the meal starts. This year, for the first time, I am going to attempt my grandmother's brisket recipe!  


Rebecca Missel, she/her

Director of Partnerships and Content 
New Jersey


My contribution at I set the vision and strategy for the ritual-making content that appears on our sites, including on for Passover. 


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: This Passover, I'm looking forward to a very low-key, small seder on the first night with two neighbors. Then, a more raucous seder on Friday. I love that Passover gives us so many opportunities to gather and celebrate our freedom.


My Passover memory, contribution or tradition: In 2022, my friends and I gathered in-person, at my home, for the first time since 2019. We're an irreverent bunch, with people from a range of faith traditions, so we combined the Schitt's Creek and Golden Girls Haggadahs from And at the end of the seder, instead of singing Chad Gadya or another traditional song, we put our arms around each other and sang "Thank You for Being a Friend," the theme song from Golden Girls. I can't wait to make this an annual tradition this year! 


Sydney Schwartz, she/her

Director of Operations
New York


My contribution at All things operations - Human Resources, IT, Finance, Legal, Compliance, organizational project management. I get to do a little bit of everything that supports our team, helps the organization move forward in the day-to-day and creates a solid foundation for our work. 


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: Spending time with my Grandparents and extended family in Florida. Also, I love charoset.


My favorite Passover memory, contribution or tradition: I am forever the family Four Questions asker. Somehow I have always been the youngest at the table and this year is looking the same so I'm brushing up on my Ma Nishtana.


Ryn Silverstein, they/them

Community Manager


My contribution at I work with both our partners and the folks who use to curate the best Passover, holiday, and ritual content out there, for you to enjoy!


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: Participating in my local social-justice themed second-night community Seder, and for once, I'm not leading anything! Sometimes it's nice to just relax. 


My favorite Passover memory, contribution or tradition: While I'm not leading anything this Passover, I'd love to share my favorite Passover readiness tip: you already have exactly what you need to make this Passover incredibly special. You don't need to go all-out and host the most lavish seder imaginable—unless you want to! Ask yourself how you'd most like to feel this Passover. Now, what can you do to cultivate that feeling? 


Marissa Stein, she/her

Senior Marketing Manager


My contribution at I get to spread the word about the incredible tools and resources at! 


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: I’m excited to spend time in the *hopefully* warmer southern California weather and have a seder with my whole extended family for the first time in nearly a decade!  


My favorite Passover memory, contribution or tradition: When I was in college, I started a tradition of hosting a costume seder for all my friends–both Jewish and not. My favorite year was the year that G-d showed up in sparkly bike shorts! Now that my kids are old enough, I look forward to reviving that tradition.


Janna Trevers, she/her

Donor Engagement Manager
New York


My contribution at I love working with people and with data, and thankfully I get to do both at! I dig deep into understanding how our users and donors feel about our organization, and what motivates them to keep coming back.


Something I’m looking forward to this Passover: At our seder table, we have many dietary restrictions. I always look forward to the new recipes. 


My favorite Passover memory, contribution or tradition: As a cantorial soloist who has grown up with women leading on the bima, I believe the addition of the orange is extremely important. My family has included an orange on the seder plate for gender equality for well over 25 years. We also have potato peelings on the plate to symbolize the only food prisoners ate during the Holocaust. More recently, we've added a coconut which symbolizes individuals who are locked inside their shells, afraid to reveal their true selves. With enough gentle patience and time, we can get to the sweet and inviting core. Do not be afraid to modernize, add, or take away from your tradition, as it can become better and more intrinsic to you if you take that chance.