April 15,2019

Old & New Faves For Your Seder

Posted by Haggadot

We've got a big week ahead of us, so let's kick it off with our favorite old & new clips, curated just for you! Download a full haggadah, or mix and match from our favorites! And quick tip: if you're previewing a featured haggadah and want to save some clips to your own haggadah, just click the "+" to the right of the title!


Mazon Hunger Seder

Mazon 2019 Hunger Seder - Consider the hunger crisis at your seder table

Revenge of Dinah Haggadah

Revenge of Dinah- A powerful haggadah, written by teens, tackling rape culture in the Jewish community

Friendseder Haggadah

Friendseder Haggadah- It's like Friendsgiving, but with more matzah

JewBelong Haggadah

JewBelong Haggadah- A sassy & succinct haggadah to entertain everyone at the table

New in 2019:

Map of the Exodus

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