March 21,2023

Check Out Our Partners' Passover Events

Posted by Haggadot

Online Community Seder 
Sunday, April 2 at 2pm Eastern online
Join Secular Synagogue’s online community seder on April 2 at 2:00 pm ET. Perfect for secular/cultural Jews and their loved ones. Learn more at:

"Dancing In-Between" Haggadah Showcase

Tuesday, April 4 at 5:30 PT on zoom 

Join us for a virtual presentation of DANCING IN-BETWEEN, The LUNAR Collective's 5783 Haggadah. Created by a committee of 17 Asian Jews, this new Haggadah celebrates being both Asian and Jewish amidst Passover rituals. This year’s Haggadah will include, for the first time: A LUNAR Niggun, Queer Asian Jewish reflections on the Maggid, Passover Through Miriam’s Eyes, new Asian Jewish Passover illustrations, and Dayenu for Asian Jews.

Freedom Feast: Multifaith Liberation Seder with Lab/Shul
Wednesday, April 5 at 5:30pm ET, in-person in New York City and online 

Freedom Feast is an interactive and embodied Multi-Faith Passover Seder led by faith leaders, artists and activists, inspired by ancient shared narratives and commitment to justice, liberation, and dignity for all. In celebration of Passover and spring, during Holy Week and the month of Ramadan,  we gather for a communal ritual feast, fused with contemplation, conversation, sacred stories, secrets and songs.

Dream Seder with Kohenet 
Wednesday, April 5 at 7pm ET, online 

The Exodus is like a collective dream: frogs rising out of rivers, walking through the sea at midnight. And our dreams are often like an Exodus: we find in our dreams moments of redemption, terror, freedom, and miracle. During this online Seder, we’ll conduct traditional Passover rituals and sing the Seder songs and, at intervals throughout the Seder, we’ll listen to participants’ sleeping and waking dreams of liberation, in order to weave new prophecies needed in our own time.  Bring your own dreams, Seder plate, and meal. We’ll do the rest!  Led by R. Jill Hammer (Ye'ilah), Shoshana Jedwab (Batshemesh) and the Kohenet Community. 

ReCollect/Yizkor: A Kaddish Gathering with Lab/Shul
Wednesday, April 12 at 6pm ET in-person and 6:15pm online

ReCollect/Yizkor gatherings offer grief support for those in active mourning, experiencing loss and/or observing a yahrzeit. Whether experiencing a recent loss, remembering a loved one who passed away long ago, or showing up to support the community. As we prepare for the upcoming Passover holiday, a time when the pain of loss may be more on the surface as we anticipate holidays without our loved ones, we will be gathering both IN PERSON in NYC (at 6pm ET) and VIRTUALLY (at 6:15pm ET) online.