March 30, 2021

Join a virtual liberation dance!

Posted by Haggadot

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This Passover, we're excited to invite the community to test out a new project in development called Folk Dance Mixtape. Folk Dance Mixtape (FDMT) is an ongoing platform for participatory dances that can bring people together. 


To celebrate Passover & spring this year FDMT has made a "People Power Dance". We hope you will participate in this first draft and share some feedback on the experience. Let us know what works and what doesn’t.

Currently, FDMT lives on a website called To participate, you’ll be directed to record yourself dancing on Perform and our dances together will eventually appear on our website, 


Wanna show us your powerful dances? Here's how:

  1. Follow this link to Perform (you will need to create a login in order to submit)

  2. Press the red “join this performance” button

  3. Watch, listen, and add your dance.

  4. When you record let the video run to the end. Do not press stop on your own video or you won’t be able to submit. 

  5. As you film please keep a few things in mind

    1. Dance by yourself or with as many others as you’d like 

    2. Try to make sure most of your body is in the frame

    3. Try to make sure we can clearly see you. Position the brightest light just behind your camera and don’t dance in front of a window or other light source.

    4. If you are able consider filming yourself in a place, an outfit, or with an object that makes you feel powerful. 

NOTE: For now, this experiment is best performed with a desktop or laptop computer. 


After you've submitted your dance, share your feedback & any questions with the FDMT team here.