April 12,2019

#Friendseder - where framily (friends who’re like family) comes together over plagues & unleavened bread

Posted by Haggadot

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We know how hard it can sometimes be to get back home to family for Passover, much less think about hosting your own seder if you’re just starting out in a new town or with a young family. How do you make bubbe’s chicken soup again? Is it really possible to fit that many people around your table? And where do you even buy a whole horseradish root? But still, there is something really lovely about bringing framily (friends that have become like family) all together to celebrate this annual ritual, to create new traditions and pay homage to those of your family of origin.


Enter #friendseder. Think Friendsgiving, but with more matzah and a guidebook to see you through the whole evening. #friendseder aims to put you in the Passover spirit without all of the potential stress of Uncle Lenny’s line of questioning about your career choices. #friendseder needn’t take place on the traditional Passover nights -- anytime in the month of April would be a great time to grab your crew and enjoy those four cups of religiously sanctioned wine, while reclining and enjoying your freedom from bondage.


Powered by The Well, #friendseder is many things. A website, with tons of tips on hosting your first seder, a Haggadah ready for you to print and use around your table, links to lots of other resources for making this #friendseder a night to remember, live (and recorded) webinars all about how to host a #friendseder, the full support of the #friendseder and The Well team, and, of course, the hashtag, #friendseder, to make sure your #friendseder is counted amongst the countless others that will take place around the country.


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