April 08, 2014

Create a Video Playlist for Your Haggadah

Posted by Haggadot

Less than a week to go until the first seder, so it’s time to put the finishing touches on your Haggadot so they’re ready for you on seder night. At Haggadot.com we have tons of text clips that are perfect for your print Haggadot, but we also have dozens of video clips, perfect for helping get you into the mood for Passover, and for playing at your seder if you use electronics on the holiday. Here are some of our favorite video clips:

For the a capella lovers: The Fountainheads Dayenu medley

We guarantee this song will be stuck in your head for hours, plus it has stunning visuals, some excellent costumes, and live camels.

Stop Motion Yachatz

This stop motion video is a deeply creative look at the numbers in the seder, and the way that the breaking of the matzah might symbolize different things.

For the history buffs: Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the Four Freedoms

Which kind of freedom is most valuable to you?

Women of the Wall

If you’ve been following the Women of the Wall controversy, this video is a fascinating look at what it’s really like to be there. A poignant and emotional video that will spur lots of discussion about freedom of religion within Israel.

Check out all of our video clips here, or upload your own.

Did you see our shoutout in the Forward by Jay Michaelson? He wrote, "First things first. Haggadot.com has, in the three years since its launch, become a well-oiled Pesadik machine. Templates, video clips, clean web design — there is no longer any excuse for not making your own Haggadah, mixing and matching from the wealth of online resources, like making a Passover playlist. Haggadot.com is no longer just a start-up — to me, it’s the industry standard. Now I’m ready for Machzor.com." Read more here.