February 01, 2022

It's Time For Joy ❤️ With Yiddish Valentines & Seder Planning!

Posted by Haggadot

It's Adar - Here Comes The Joy! 

The Hebrew month of Adar starts tonight, February 1st. It's a whole month intended to bring happiness, and who doesn't need more joy these days? This year is special because it's a leap year and instead of just one extra day, we get an entire bonus month. That's TWO Adars!

We're celebrating this first Adar with our Yiddish Valentine's Day cards. They're ready for you to download, print, fold and share with your special someone.  

Yiddish Valentines Booklet

This Is Not A Jape - There's 10 Weeks Until Passover!

We assure you, Passover begins on April 15. That means there's a whole extra month to get ready. Start reflecting on your seder intentions with clips that connect to your purpose.

Check out our favorite Haggadah clips on WellnessHumorFeminismLGBTQ IdentitySocial Justice and more

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