Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Haggadot.com is part of Custom & Craft, a nonprofit design lab using technology, art and new media to imagine new formats for engaging with ancient traditions. Founded in 2011, our online platforms Haggadot.com and Custom and Craft make home-based Jewish ritual accessible, meaningful, and diverse – giving individuals of all faith backgrounds the tools to create for themselves and to discover the other creators in their community. 

Our Vision: Judaism can be beautiful and welcoming. Haggadot.com believes Judaism can look and feel that way too. We envision a world in which every Jew, and the Jew-curious, regardless of background, can find a place for themselves in Jewish life through thoughtfully-designed products and media.

Our Values: We believe that Passover is primarily an exercise in empathy. At the seder, we tell the story of Exodus as though we personally exited Mitzrayim, or “the narrow place.” Our core values emphasize how our deep personal connection with the Passover story drives empathy. Read more here: https://www.haggadot.com/values

How We Do It: Haggadot.com is a design lab for the Jewish community, experimenting with technology, media and user experience to imagine new formats for engaging in ancient traditions. Our platforms, Haggadot.com and Custom and Craft enable over 500,000 users annually to make their own haggadahs and other DIY materials for Jewish ritual. We facilitate new product development through collaborations with leading Jewish organizations and thinkers across a diverse spectrum of perspectives.