Passover Events FAQ has partnered with Powered By OneTable to help you create, host and attend in-person and virtual Passover events this year. Here's how! 

Finding A Seder Event
If a friend, family member, or organization sends you a link to a private event, create your account if you don't already have one. Then, you can RSVP to attend, and then receive communications about the event time, key details and either the address or video platform.

To find an open-to-community event to join, click on Find An Event at the top of the page, or visit If you don’t find what you’re looking for, consider starting your own that others can join!


Hosting An Event
Login to your account and go to your Dashboard. In the gray bar at the top of the page, you will see a turquoise button that says +HOST AN EVENT. 

Now, the event creation module will appear. 

Start by choosing a privacy setting for your event, and a gathering type (Virtual, In-Person, Outdoors, etc.) 
Open: Anyone can see, sign up for, and attend this event.
Host Approval: Guests can request to attend your event - you will approve each guest.
Private: Guests can request to attend your event - you will approve each guest.
Solo: This event is just for you!

Fill in your event’s location, title, date and time, co-host information, number of attendees welcome, and add a beautiful photo (or use one of ours).

Next you’ll tell your guests what to expect! Help them prepare with an event description, dress code, accessibility details, and a link to the Haggadah you'll use at your seder. You can also add in tags (families, cooking, LGBTQ+, etc) to help new people find your event. If you're hosting an in-person meal, you can add in a menu or invite people to bring items to a potluck. 

You can also add in an optional question or two to ask your guests when they RSVP. 

Finally, click “Submit For Approval” and our team will be notified to have your event go live. Then, your event is ready to share! You can send to your friends, family, and broader networks directly through the site, or by sending them your event’s unique URL.

Especially For Young Adults 
OneTable is “nourishing” (subsidizing) first and second Seders on April 15-16. The first night coincides with Shabbat, when OneTable empowers young adults to connect with friends in meaningful weekly rituals. Young adults can apply to become a host by April 5, post their Seders and invite friends or find seats at open dinners.  OneTable will elevate their Seder with resources and up to $10 per guest, up to $100 per Seder.  In the spirit of welcoming and hospitality, OneTable will nourish a host for both Seders if they invite different groups of family or friends to attend each.  Learn more at