Founded in 1988, Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) is the only organization of rabbis in Israel from all the streams of Judaism that gives voice to the Jewish religious traditions of human rights. Dedicated to the physical security and moral vision of the State of Israel as reflected in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, RHR develops educational resources on Judaism and human rights and teaches them in Israeli schools and pre-army programs; lobbies for economic justice in Israel; provides support for Palestinian families facing home demolition for administrative reasons; and protects Palestinian farmers’ access to their agricultural land. RHR received the Knesset’s Award for Quality of Life and the 2006 Niwano Peace Prize. The work of RHR has been endorsed by the North American Rabbinic Associations of the Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements. Founded in 2002, Rabbis for Human Rights – North America (RHR-NA) is an organization of rabbis from all the streams of Judaism dedicated to expanding support for the mission and work of RHR in Israel and to education and advocacy on human rights issues in North America. In North America, RHR-NA launched Honor the Image of God: Stop Torture Now, a Jewish campaign to end U.S.-sponsored torture. The campaign developed educational resources and programming for rabbis and Jewish communities nationwide and organizing Jews in local communities to participate in interfaith efforts to end torture. In 2007, RHR-NA launched K’vod Habriot: A Jewish Human Rights Network, the first Jewish human rights network of rabbis, communities and individuals dedicated to the human rights of all. In 2006 and in 2008, RHR-NA hosted national conferences on Judaism and Human Rights.
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